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The Village of Milies, Pelion Greece
Milies is a beautiful traditional mountainous village that is situated at an altitude of 400 metres. Through the combination of the natural beauty and inspiring scenery and the continuous tourism development in the village, Milies is an ideal destination for your holidays in Pelion.

There are many beautiful sites in Milies and places of interest. For those who love nature, there are several cobble-stoned paths which you can walk along, and enjoy a journey past the old houses and mansions as well as several spring water fountains.

Milies is home to some very interesting churches such as the church of "Pamegiston Taxiarhon", which was built in 1741. It was actually here that the revolution against the Ottoman occupation of Greece started, under the leadership of Anthimos Gazis.

Milies is also one of the most popular villages in Pelion, as it is here that you will find the Milies train station, where the famous steam train of Pelion "Moutzouris - Smudgy" stops after it's unique journey across the peninsula, over stone bridges and across an inspiring landscape.

Taking the trip on the Pelion steam train is one activity that all visitors here should try to take part in. Running from the village of Lehonia through to Milies, this journey is truly unique and offers visitors the ideal chance from which to admire the natural beauty that Pelion is so famous for.

There are other sites in Milies worth visiting, such as the "old library", where you can see exhibits of old documents, maps, books and items from the time of the Greek revolution.

Milies is truly a village that all visitors to Pelion should try to visit. It is one that offers very unique and magical moments, and welcomes visitors with open arms. Several festivals take places during the summer months to which everyone is invited to join in with the celebrations and experience traditional music and dance, as well as local wine and tsipouro.

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