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Holidays and Travel in Pelion Greece
Mount Pelion is the perfect holiday destination in Greece, all year round. It is one of those rare places where the landscape and scenery change with each season, bringing with it new aromas, colours and scenery to both amaze and inspire.

Over the years, more and more travellers are heading to the Pelion peninsula, as it is the perfect destination in Greece where you can have exactly the type of holiday you have been searching for.

Those who are seeking peace and quiet, will find Pelion ideal, and some of the regions are perfect for simply unwinding, and energising yourself.

For those seeking action and adventure, Pelion has a whole range of activities and sports which visitors can indulge themselves with, such as winter sports, ski, mountain biking, water sports, trekking, and much more.

Pelion also has some very interesting sites that are well worth visiting, such as the stunning churches and monasteries, as well as several museums and traditional mansions, where you can be taken back through time, and experience Pelion as it was many years ago.

The Pelion peninsula is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece, which make it a superb choice for your summer holidays in Greece, where you can enjoy the crystal blue waters of both the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. It also has some truly unique and stunning sunsets.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, Pelion will be perfect for you. Whether you are travelling along, with a partner or as a family group, Pelion has everything you could desire. They say that Pelion was chosen as the "holiday destination" of the Gods.

You too will come to the agreement that the Gods did have perfect taste, and you will soon find yourself coming back to this remarkable part of Greece, again and again in the years to come.

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